At the Beach

The cooler months are perfect for being active on the beach. Why not compete in a beach Olympiad on the Palm while enjoying breathtaking views of the marina…

IGNITE Beach Days

A day at the beach with IGNITE can involve anything from beach volleyball, to building your own raft and Stand Up Paddle board relays. We will bring the rafts and provide the paddles, you bring the energy!

Beach Olympiad

A circuit of physical and functional challenges taking place on the beach (and in the water if you wish), followed by the renowned IGNITE relay for extra points and finished off with a BBQ dinner and sunset – what better way to let off some steam with your team.


Our water sports wellness is designed to help employees take care of themselves,
stay healthy and happy, and feel fulfilled by their work. We offer packages that
include yoga, ice plunge, water sports, and breakfast.


This package is perfect for employees who want to spend a day doing something fun with their coworkers and getting to know each other better. It includes yoga, water sports, and breakfast, so it’s sure to be a great time.

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