When the weather heats up we take things indoors so you can continue to reward your staff all year round…

IGNITE Indoors

The perfect teambuilding event for the warmer months; bring your team to one of our partner venues, or we can come to you. We will design a bespoke event to get you moving, thinking, and working together in a relaxed and air-conditioned environment all in the name of fun.


This team building activity is suitable for small and big groups. We provide a drum for everyone, transforming your team into a fun, dynamic drumming orchestra. IGNITE your team’s connection as you work together in creating beats and rhythms. Bring your team together and get energized with IGNITE drum.

The Expat Traveler

Your team will be given a series of challenges with the common theme of moving either themselves or an object from point A to point B. Scenarios will be both physical and mental with teams having to communicate effectively and work collaboratively to find solutions.


In these teambuilding activities, you will be surrounded by games, challenges and brain-teasers all in the form of wood!  We call it the Wood Project!

Office Power Breaks – Energizer

We bring the energy to you. From challenges, games and activities to Yoga that can be done at your desk, we have the solution to energise your office and get your employees moving (and smiling).

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