Outside The Box

Why not try something totally different with your team? Have a go at learning a Bollywood dance or even dragon boat racing…

Corporate Dragon Boat Racing

Teams will both work together and compete against each other in an adrenaline pumping race requiring strategy, technique and cooperation.


This team building activity is suitable for small and big groups. We provide a drum for everyone, transforming your team into a fun, dynamic drumming orchestra. IGNITE your team’s connection as you work together in creating beats and rhythms. Bring your team together and get energized with IGNITE drum.

Operation Mindfall

Pop – Up Augmented reality Experience

A deadly virus, a top-secret research program and 60 minutes to save the world from losing control of their minds. Use your gadgets to uncover the mystery and save the world.

Escape Hunt & Ignite


First of its kind in the region.

Take on the newest Teambuilding activity where we will test your ability to work as a team in a fun yet challenging environment. The exercise consists of activities that will get your team moving and thinking at the same time.


Step out of your comfort zone and learn about yourself and your team while tree surfing and climbing your way through this unique and dynamic environment nestled in Mushrif Park.


A game of skill and technique, Paintball encourages communication, planning and decision-making amongst team mates which makes for a great team building activity as well as a fun day out.

Ninja Warrior

This obstacle course is a fun way to bond with colleagues while swinging, climbing and navigating your way from start to finish. Who will take out the title and be your office’s Ultimate Ninja Warrior? This can be combined with an additional indoor activity of your choice.

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